New Standard of Scent Marketing

We are changing all standards of Scent Marketing in Japan with most advanced technology and profound knowledge of essential oils.

World most efficient aroma diffuser

World Most Efficient Aroma Diffuser

We developed innovative aroma diffuser that atomize essential oil into nano particles.
Lightweight particles help scent spreading more larger area and last longer with less consumption of oil.
It consumes 1/2 of essential oil compared to all other professional diffusers to make same aromatic space design.

Science of essential oil

Science of Essential Oil

We apply gas chromatography analysis to all essential oils so that we can see all components at 0.01% level.
Not only we can assure the quality and safety, we are blending essential oils according to these components because aroma therapy is science.
Our profound knowledge of aroma therapy and scientific evidence add sure value where we provide our service.

Car Aroma Therapy

Car Aroma Therapy

Our unique car aroma diffuser is easy and safe to use in your car.
Once you attach it on air vent, you can enjoy pleasant aroma therapy anytime you drive.
It will help you to refresh and keep concentration while you drive.

Corporate Information

Corporate Name
Katsumi Yagishita
Corporate Address
302 Sunny Hill Building 289 Tonodaicho, Wakaba-Ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
TEL: 81 (0)43 301 3312
FAX: 81 (0)43 301 3313
Capital Stock
Production of essential oil products and aroma diffusers
Producing aromatic space design for commercial place
Training for aroma designer
Mitsui Fudosan Co.,Ltd. / Resorttrust, Inc. / Park Hyatt Tokyo / Hyatt Regancy Tokyo / FUJI KYUKO CO.,LTD. / East Nippon Expressway Company Limited / Odakyu Department Store Company Limited / Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd. / Lexus / Toyota / Honda / Volkswagen / DIAMIC Co.,Ltd. / Takara Beauty Mate / NOVARESE, Inc. / The Chiba Bank, Ltd. / Shinsei Bank, Limited / Seven Bank, Ltd. / Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. / Kao Corporation / Sports Club NAS / ORIX Golf Management Corporation / Japan New Alpha
Main Bank
The Chiba Bank, Ltd.  Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Representative Profile

Katsumi Yagishita

Graduated from UCLA, BA in International Development Study.

Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.
System Engineer: International project team of financial and industrial system development. 2002-2005

Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd.
Account Executive: Strategic planning team of education and human resource devision. 2005-2011

Message Design Center Co.,Ltd.
Vice President: Strategic planning team of education and human resource devision. 2011-2012

Founder and Representative: 2012 - Now

Representative Message

I have spent most of my career as a system engineer and marketer. So I have been demanded most advanced technology and scientific approach that leads my clients to best result.
But when I started scent marketing company I found that all professional aroma diffusers are made with primitive technology and all services are simply diffusing scent at client's commercial space without committing specific result.
I spent almost 3 years to develop most efficient professional aroma diffuser. It diffuse scent more larger area with less consumption of oil. We also provide scent marketing services with profound knowledge of essential oil promising best result for our clients, such as increasing sales, reducing customer's stress, antibacterial effect, deodorizing, etc. With those scientific approach, we are now changing all the standard of scent marketing in Japan.
We are looking for global partner in other countries too. Please contact us for further information for partnership.